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Monday, 22 May 2017

How to Change SQL Services run through Different Service Account on SQL Server other than Default

How to Change SQL Services run through Service Account on SQL Server

service account it should meet below criteria

  • Service account should be password protected

  • Service account should be full control over Data folder which SQL Service is installed on local drive path

if again it is not working follow below for

we can go below

  • it should be local admin of server

  • it should be part of SQL Server sysadmin privileges


Here SQL 2012 C O N V TEST is running on default account as

NT Service\M S SQL$SQL 2012 C O N V TEST

we need to change it to USER PC / USER

Here make sure/add  it should be full control on DATA folder on which SQL Server is installed

Now we are going to change SQL Service account as see below

you should make sure password is mandatory other wise you will get error

if you not give password/ account does not have password then will face below error

after we changed service account successfully see below

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