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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Querty to Get Identity Tables information on SQL

Query to get Last Identity value inserted in tables in a database:

       ColumnName = name ,
       OriginalSeed = seed_value ,
       Step = increment_value ,
       LastValue = last_value ,
       IsNotForReplication = is_not_for_replication
FROM sys.identity_columns

Monday, 1 July 2013

Copy data from Excel sheet to SQL Server 2012

Copy data from Excel sheet to SQL Server 2012
Using copy method:
Step 1:
Verify the all values in the excel sheets are valid

create a table name as per the excel sheet

Open the table with right clicke table name and click open table

Step 4 :
Copy all data from excel sheet by right click on mouse of excel sheet

Step 5:
Paste the data from open table in SQL Server

Step 6:
Wait for all the data to paste to SQL Server table

Step 7:
After verify this close the table

Step 8:
Now query the tale to ensure all the data present in table