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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

How to Remotely Shutdown, Restart or Log Off Windows Server across the network?

How to Remotely Shutdown, Restart or Log Off Windows Server across the network


Database administrators often find the need to restart a remote server once they have completed the installation of an SQL Server Service Pack or a Hot fixes or a Windows Monthly Patch etc. In this article we will take a look at SHUTDOWN.EXE command and its usage.

Using Shutdown.EXE Windows Command Using GUI

Click Start -> Run -> Shutdown - I

This will open up Remote Shutdown Dialog as shown in the below snippet. In this dialog box you need to provide the computer name by clicking Add... button and then select any one among the available options for what do you want these computers to do. In this example, I have selected Restart option and have also checked the option to warm users of this action so that they are aware that the server will be rebooted in next 20 seconds. Finally to restart the remote server, click OK.

It is always advised to provide a meaningful comment as this helps to understand at later time why the server was rebooted. You can refer the following Microsoft Link to understand different switches available in SHUTDOWN.EXE command.
Important Note: It is advised to use this utility from a local machine to reboot a remote server.