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Friday, 11 April 2014

Script To Check Last Full Backup Duration of All Database

Script To Check Last Full Backup Duration of All Database:

set nocount on
if exists ( select name from tempdb..sysobjects where name like '#DatabasesBackupsDuration%')
drop table #DatabasesBackupsDuration
create table #DatabasesBackupsDuration
ServerName varchar(100) null,
DBName varchar(100) null,
RecoveryModel varchar(100) null,
LastFullbackup datetime null,
FullbackupDurationSec bigint null,
DBStatus varchar (100) null,

insert into #DatabasesBackupsDuration(ServerName,DBName)
select convert(varchar,serverproperty('ServerName')), 
from master.dbo.sysdatabases a
where <> 'tempdb'

update #DatabasesBackupsDuration
set LastFullbackup=b.backup_start_date
from #DatabasesBackupsDuration a,(select database_name,max(backup_start_date) backup_start_date 
from msdb..backupset  where type='D' group by database_name)b
where a.DBName=b.database_name

update #DatabasesBackupsDuration 
set RecoveryModel=convert(sysname,DatabasePropertyEx(DBName,'Recovery'))

update #DatabasesBackupsDuration 
set DBStatus=convert(sysname,DatabasePropertyEx(DBName,'Status'))

update d
set d.FullbackupDurationSec = datediff(s,backup_start_date, backup_finish_date)
from #DatabasesBackupsDuration d,(select database_name, max(backup_start_date) as backup_start_date, max(backup_finish_date) as backup_finish_date from msdb..backupset 
where type ='D' group by database_name) b where d.DBName = b.database_name
select * from #DatabasesBackupsDuration order by LastFullbackup
select CAST(SUM(FullbackupDurationSec)/60 AS varchar(100))+' Minutes' As FullBackupTimeTotal from #DatabasesBackupsDuration
drop table #DatabasesBackupsDuration