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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Create windows authentication user in SQL Server

Creating/Configuring Windows authetication in SQL Server:

I got a peculiar query in one of the SQL forum and I wish to write a detailed article on this. In SQL Server, there are 3 types of authentication to enter into your database.

1. Windows authentication. (Will take the in built windows account as an authentication)
2. SQL Server authenticaiton (We need to specify the username and password to enter into the server)
3. Mixed mode authentication (Combination of windows and SQL authentication)

Goto Server Explorer -> Security -> Login ->New Login

Click on the Search button and a window will popup to search for the available users in the machine. In the below screenshot, my machine name is venkat and santhi is an administrator in my machine. I am trying to create windows authentication for this user.

Select the "Server Roles", am trying to make this use as sysadmin.

Select the database to which the user needs proper access.

On clicking "OK" the user is created.